Another Easy Cleaning Schedule

image of carpet cleaner with water in the tank

Looking for an easy cleaning schedule? You came to the right place! So, I have a tendency to fall down the rabbit hole when I’m cleaning. I’ll be cleaning the bathrooms and notice the baseboards look a little grungy…so instead of continuing to scrub the bathroom I’ll find myself cleaning all the baseboards in the […]

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Spending Freeze: How And Why

image of light wood desk with wallet, succulent, cup of coffee and Mac keyboard

I’m trying something new this year and putting myself on a spending freeze. Wondering what I mean? Okay, so here’s the thing…I have been decluttering for several years now. It started with me tossing out everything that reminded me of a toxic relationship that I had removed from my life. I loved how fresh and […]

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A Brand New Year

image of hand holding sparklers for brand new year

It’s a fresh and brand new year now! How is it that 2018 flew by so quickly? But, with this time of year comes lots and lots of germs. It seems like everyone tends to get sick when the weather gets cold. Our family was no exception this go around. First our toddler came down […]

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Quilting and A Life Lesson

I’m sure you’re wondering how quilting and a life lesson go together.  Well, here’s the thing. Our dear friends got married last October. She requested that I make them a king size quilt for a wedding gift. I’d never made a quilt but I’m overly confident in my learning ability when it comes to crafty […]

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I Want To Be Grateful

photo of watercolor handwriting and says choose joy

I did it again. I activated Instagram…and it was a mistake. I should have known better. In fact, I DO know better. But I didn’t listen to myself. Once again I found so much time in my day wasted. Scrolling. Scrolling. Just too much mindless scrolling. I started feeling restless, anxious and dissatisfied instead of […]

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Filling Up Our Days…With What?

image of black and white calendar

There aren’t enough hours in the day. How many times have we heard that phrase? I used to think it was true. And in certain times in my life I think it really is…like the newborn stage. But it shouldn’t be 100% true all of the time.  We are in charge of how we spend […]

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What I Save For Future Kids

image of baby wrapped in swaddling blanket with feet showing

I have a couple friends who have either just had babies or are expecting right now and it’s making me do a lot of thinking about what I should save to use for future children. I’m not pregnant currently but if God is willing I’d love to have more children in the future. With our […]

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A Minimalist Diaper Bag: Toddler Version

image of miss Fong diaper bag from the front with a white background

Ah, the ever elusive perfectly packed diaper bag. Every kid and every mama are different in what they will consider to be must haves. There are a million lists out there for what you should and shouldn’t pack in your tot’s bag. Just in case that wasn’t enough… here’s another one.  I have a 2.5 […]

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I’m Breaking Up With Social Media

photo of woman's hand holding phone with images on screen and computer in the background

Yeah, you read that right. I’m breaking up with social media. Really. The internet and social media are pretty amazing in what they allow us to accomplish now. Our reach can travel so far and help us get to know people all over the world. But, lately I feel a bit like it’s taken over […]

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