an image of rain falling down the outside of a window
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After All It’s Just Stuff: A Lesson Learned

So, this weekend our area had some extreme flash flooding. We’ve lived in this house for four years and never experienced anything like this. Our neighbors place was just devastated by the heavy rain. We escaped with a bit of wet carpet in our son’s room, a flooded garage and some rainwater soaked stuff. As …

a scrapbook album of old baby photos on a black and white cross blanket
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Photobooks: A Simple Approach To Saving Memories

Photobooks are awesome. I opted to do my son’s baby book in a photobook rather than use a traditional baby album and I never looked back. I was able to pack in so much information in a very minimalistic and visually pleasing way. So now, I decided to do a photobook “scrapbook” for each year …

photo of white background with citrus and greenery spilling out of a black and white striped bag with antique scissors and twine
Simple Living

5 Truths of Minimalism and Why It’s So Freeing

I recently wrote about minimalism myths and thought today would be perfect to tell you about some truths of minimalism I’d found. Life is too precious to waste it accumulating crap. Really, we’ve all heard the saying “You can’t take it with you when you go.”. It’s so true. Life shouldn’t just be an endless rat …