I’m Breaking Up With Social Media

photo of woman's hand holding phone with images on screen and computer in the background

Yeah, you read that right. I’m breaking up with social media. Really.

The internet and social media are pretty amazing in what they allow us to accomplish now. Our reach can travel so far and help us get to know people all over the world.

But, lately I feel a bit like it’s taken over my life. I have found myself closing an app just to open it again ten minutes later when I feel a little bored. I mean, it can be an addiction like anything else. And I didn’t like this person who was becoming too fixated on her phone.

I was living for other people’s ‘updates’.

I kept refreshing and refreshing waiting to see if some of my favorite people had updated their stories or pages. It was to the point that I was less involved in my own life and just following someone else’s. If I felt just a tiny bit bored suddenly my phone would be in my hand and I’d be scrolling away without even thinking about it. It was a scary feeling when I woke up to the fact of just how many times I unlock my phone daily. Especially when I consider how much our kids watch what we do and learn from us.

I started comparing myself and my life to other people’s.

It started out innocently enough but then I really started to feel bad about myself. It’s so easy to see a perfectly curated screen of little squares and think, ‘oh this person’s life looks so wonderful’. The comparison game just kills contentment. And that’s what I’ve been chasing after through minimalism is just feeling content. Content with our circumstances. Content with less stuff.

Allison Hicks said it so perfectly:

“Social media allows you to get a glimpse into someone’s highlight reel. It shows off the best parts of their lives. It makes you believe that they are living the life you should be living and that everything for them is perfect.”

I want to be grateful for the blessings and gifts that God has given me in my life and not feeling like I need more, more, more. Constantly comparing myself to other people isn’t being grateful. And it just sets us up for disappointment and heartache.

Social media is a time waster for me.

It’s ridiculous how many hours of my day, HOURS, I spent watching other people live their lives instead of living my own. I checked it in the morning, throughout the day and often just before sleeping. That’s so much time that could have been better spent serving my own family or in prayer.

So, I’m taking my life back. I am determined to spend more time looking up and out at the world around me instead of just living for a screen.

I’m breaking up with social media and deleting the apps on my phone for now. I’m committing to one week, but who knows, it might even be for good. I’m open to seeing what this little experiment does for my life. How about you? Do you think you could break up with social media? Would you even want to?


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  1. Last week, I deactivated fb because I had been feeling the exact same way and doing the exact same things. I still have IG but i don’t get nearly as emo and share and comment my convictions on posts like ibdid with fb. It’s very freeing. If people want pics of my kid, they’ll see her on my husband’s page 🙂

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