What I Save For Future Kids

image of baby wrapped in swaddling blanket with feet showing

I have a couple friends who have either just had babies or are expecting right now and it’s making me do a lot of thinking about what I should save to use for future children. I’m not pregnant currently but if God is willing I’d love to have more children in the future. With our […]

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A Minimalist Diaper Bag: Toddler Version

image of miss Fong diaper bag from the front with a white background

Ah, the ever elusive perfectly packed diaper bag. Every kid and every mama are different in what they will consider to be must haves. There are a million lists out there for what you should and shouldn’t pack in your tot’s bag. Just in case that wasn’t enough… here’s another one.  I have a 2.5 […]

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Bedtime Routine: Why We Have One

parent and child sitting in bed reading a story book during bedtime routine

A bedtime routine is so helpful when you have little ones running around. Children thrive with routines! It helps them feel safe and secure when they know what it expected of them, and have an idea of what’s coming next. I’ve followed the same basic bedtime routine for our little guy since we brought him […]

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Timeout: Why Even Mama Needs One Sometimes

woman standing on beach with her back to the camera alone

I put myself in timeout yesterday. Our day wasn’t going smoothly. I wasn’t as hands on as I wanted to be. I lost my patience. My to do list didn’t get quite done. I felt exhausted, irritated and just ready for a fresh new day. Because yesterday sucked a little bit. Toddler shenanigans. The summer […]

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Why I Love Walmart As A Busy Mom

photo of metal shopping carts nested in a row

Walmart. You either love them or hate them. I spent a large chunk of my life hating them because I grew up in a tiny little town where that was basically your only option to buy anything. So, I swore I’d never shop there again when I was all grown up. Fast forward to now…and […]

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Potty Training Sucks And That’s Okay

cloth diapers in pastel colors in a circle on a white background

Ahhh, potty training; the moment I think that every mom secretly fears and longs for. We fear it because we’ve all heard the horror stories. And honestly, we’ve been handling poop and pee for far longer than we’d like so we are eager for that to end! It’s the light at the end of the […]

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5 Ways Motherhood Changed Me

blurred image of infant in background and mother's hand holding infant's feet in foreground

Motherhood has changed me. Like, down to my core changed me. I’m not the same person I was before I became a mother. My priorities shifted. My thoughts on big issues changed. I’ve grown. I’ve made mistakes. I have never loved THIS hard. It’s earth shaking this love that I feel for my children. Motherhood […]

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When Motherhood Feels Lonely

wood figurine of mother holding child in front of white background

Hey there mama… So, you’ve read all the books, your birth plan is written out and you’ve got your hospital bag packed by 30 weeks. You’re ready. Or maybe you’re a fresh mama to a sweet little newborn squish. You’ve soaked up every ounce of that brand new sweetness. You are absolutely spell bound by […]

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