Another Easy Cleaning Schedule

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Looking for an easy cleaning schedule? You came to the right place!

So, I have a tendency to fall down the rabbit hole when I’m cleaning.

I’ll be cleaning the bathrooms and notice the baseboards look a little grungy…so instead of continuing to scrub the bathroom I’ll find myself cleaning all the baseboards in the house. While I’m cleaning those, look at that spot on the wall…and before I know it I’m scrubbing all of the walls. Meanwhile the bathroom still needs to be cleaned.

I can’t be the only one right? It’s like a squirrel lives in my brain when I’m cleaning.

To solve that I came up with another easy system: break the house up in portions. Mine happens to work out perfectly to do everything during the weekdays. We have a living room, kitchen, one and a half bathrooms and three bedrooms.

It looks a bit like this:

  • Monday- living room and our two hallways connected to it.
  • Tuesday- bathrooms.
  • Wednesday- bedrooms and change sheets.
  • Thursday- kitchen.
  • Friday- mop all tile flooring.

It’s easier for me this way because when I start the fall down the rabbit hole I can stop myself and say, no… I’ll do that when it’s time to do that particular room.

A note on this system…the first week of the month I do each room as a deeper clean. You know, fan blades, knocking down any cobwebs, dust bunnies under the beds, wiping down the baseboards and cabinets, cleaning all of the appliances and spot cleaning the walls where needed. That way the rest of the month it’s really just light dusting and vacuuming and takes so much less time.

There’s never really a set “spring cleaning” around here because I do decent deep cleans once a month. When everyone else is doing their spring and fall cleanings I may wash the outside of the windows and wipe down the walls from top to bottom but that’s all that would really need doing.

I feel like this helps me keep on top of things but I don’t spend hours out of my day cleaning the house. Win right?

If you like cleaning by task instead of by room I’ve got a good system for that too that I wrote about here.

I’d love to know which way you prefer to clean? Do you use a cleaning schedule or just wing it? Comment below!

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