Minimalism Myths You Might Believe

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Minimalism and decluttering changed my motherhood. I went from constantly cleaning up to suddenly having time to do things that made me smile!

Honestly, before I started purging my home and life of all the things that no longer suited me I was so overwhelmed. The worst part is, it wasn’t until after I’d finished the great purge that I even realized how stressed all of the crap was making me.

I didn’t have a house that looked like it belonged on hoarders, but I still had so much crap. As I was sorting through I couldn’t remember why I’d kept most of it to begin with. Like, do I really need these ticket stubs for a movie that I barely remember?

Sometimes I hesitate to label myself a minimalist because people tend to think of it in the extreme. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though! Here’s some common misconceptions you might have believed about minimalism…

It’s just a trend.

I don’t believe this one for a second. Minimalism is a life changing tool. Notice, the keyword I used here is tool. It’s not an end goal but something that helps you GET to the end goal. For me, I wasn’t in it to end up living with 100 things or less. If that’s your jam…you do you. I just wanted a house that felt airy and light…and that didn’t take me days to clean. I’d rather spend my time taking care of my family and playing with our toddler than constantly having to reorganize and come up with elaborate systems to contain the crap only to have it look wrecked 10 minutes later. Minimalism helped me achieve that and it’s absolutely incredible how much better I feel in our home!

Everything has to be white.

A lot of people think that minimalism is stark white rooms with zero decorations. It’s more than a decorating style. But hey, if that’s your style then roll with it! Everyone has different tastes and minimalism will look different for every single family and home. That’s the beauty of it really.

You can’t ever buy anything again.

If I had a dollar for every time I purchased something and heard, “But I thought you were trying to be a minimalist?”. Just because you are being intentional with your purchases doesn’t mean that you won’t ever buy anything again. Things are just things…and eventually stuff wears out or your tastes change and that’s okay! But when that happens make sure you don’t shove it into a closet for the next 10 years…just let that ish go.

You have to throw away everything you own.

You don’t have to live with nothing but the clothes on your back to be a minimalist. It’s okay to own stuff. It’s okay to enjoy your stuff too. The point of minimalism is to remove the things that you don’t need, love or use…to make room for the stuff that you DO. For example, I love to sew so I’m going to keep the sewing machine. If the day comes that I no longer enjoy it, I’ll let it go to another home to be used and enjoyed. But for now, it’s something that brings a little happiness to my day so it’s worth the room that it takes up in our home.

You’ll have to re-buy things you got rid of.

This is probably what I hear the most. “But what if you NEED it someday?”. Typically that someday never comes. If it was needed in the future I probably wouldn’t be able to find it because it would be buried in all of the OTHER things I thought I might need someday. Really though, I haven’t regretted any of the decisions I made while decluttering and simplifying. I can’t think of a single thing that I have needed to repurchase. I can’t think of anything and go, “Man I wish I’d kept that!”. Honestly, I really can’t remember much of what I HAVE gotten rid of. Clearly I didn’t need any of it.


Minimalism isn’t just for single people either.

In fact, I think families are at the top of the list for those who need it the most. And I really believe everyone can benefit from living a simpler life. Kids play better with fewer toys. Moms are happier when there’s less to laundry to wash. Give it a shot, I bet you won’t regret it.

Have you heard any other misconceptions about minimalism? Comment below and let’s chat! 

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