A Minimalist Diaper Bag: Toddler Version

image of miss Fong diaper bag from the front with a white background
image of diaper bag with title text overlaid

Ah, the ever elusive perfectly packed diaper bag. Every kid and every mama are different in what they will consider to be must haves. There are a million lists out there for what you should and shouldn’t pack in your tot’s bag. Just in case that wasn’t enough… here’s another one. 

I have a 2.5 year old boy and feel like we’ve gotten it pretty much down to a science. Aaaaand now that I’ve said that, I can almost guarantee he will throw me for a loop. HA! 

image of inside of diaper bag packed with supplies

You can always find:

  • Diapers. Because duh…it’s a diaper bag. I like to carry two. (I also carry a couple of dog poop baggies for throwing away the stinky ones.)
  • Travel pack of wipes. 
  • Muslin blanket. They are the holy grail of blankets. I mostly use it to lay under him while I change a diaper. But it also shines as a sunshade, picnic blanket, cleaning up a spill, actually keeping the kid warm…you name it, a muslin blanket does the trick. 
  • Water cup. 
  • Spare outfit. I like to roll it up and secure with an elastic headband. It makes it easier to stuff in an inner pocket. 
  • Ziplock bag. I use this to hold yucky clothes or messy stuff until we get home.
  • Boo boo kit. I keep it simple with a couple of bandaids, an alcohol swab and a tiny tube of Neosporin.
  • My wallet since Mama is footing the bill for a while longer. 😉 I just toss this in before we leave the house. 
image of spare outfit, a blanket, diapers and wipes
Muslin blanket, spare outfit, two diapers and wipes. 

Depending on what season it is I’ll add: 

Sunscreen and sunglasses. 

A warm hat and gloves.

image of supplies necessary to treat scrapes with tube of sunscreen and assorted items
Ziplock bag, boo boo kit, dog poop bag for those stinky diapers and sunscreen. Not pictured are the sunglasses my toddler snagged while I was snapping photos. 

If we are going to be out for most of the day I’ll throw in some snacks. 

Typically I don’t keep a toy in our bag unless we are going to be gone all day because he likes to pick out a small toy himself before we go to the car and carries it on his own along with his favorite teddy bear.  It’s his little job and he loves to do it. 

I feel like I’m pretty minimal in what I carry with me. I don’t like to be weighed down by a ton of stuff but I also want to be prepared. I think I carried everything but the kitchen sink that first month until I realized I didn’t NEED to be a pack mule for a squishy baby.

All right mama, what do you carry in your diaper bag? I always love seeing what other people can’t do without while on the go so leave me a comment!

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