4 Tips for Keeping A Tidy Home

a photo of a tidy living room with white coffee table and decor

Keeping a tidy home is easier than it sounds I promise! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve on how I’m able to generally keep our home in a state of calm even with a toddler who loves “undoing” things and running amok! Are you ready to hear some easy ways to keep your […]

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Bedtime Routine: Why We Have One

parent and child sitting in bed reading a story book during bedtime routine

A bedtime routine is so helpful when you have little ones running around. Children thrive with routines! It helps them feel safe and secure when they know what it expected of them, and have an idea of what’s coming next. I’ve followed the same basic bedtime routine for our little guy since we brought him […]

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Timeout: Why Even Mama Needs One Sometimes

woman standing on beach with her back to the camera alone

I put myself in timeout yesterday. Our day wasn’t going smoothly. I wasn’t as hands on as I wanted to be. I lost my patience. My to do list didn’t get quite done. I felt exhausted, irritated and just ready for a fresh new day. Because yesterday sucked a little bit. Toddler shenanigans. The summer […]

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Why I Love Walmart As A Busy Mom

photo of metal shopping carts nested in a row

Walmart. You either love them or hate them. I spent a large chunk of my life hating them because I grew up in a tiny little town where that was basically your only option to buy anything. So, I swore I’d never shop there again when I was all grown up. Fast forward to now…and […]

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Minimalism Myths You Might Believe

photo of white desk and chair with white mirror hanging above

Minimalism and decluttering changed my motherhood. I went from constantly cleaning up to suddenly having time to do things that made me smile! Honestly, before I started purging my home and life of all the things that no longer suited me I was so overwhelmed. The worst part is, it wasn’t until after I’d finished […]

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