What I Save For Future Kids

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I have a couple friends who have either just had babies or are expecting right now and it’s making me do a lot of thinking about what I should save to use for future children. I’m not pregnant currently but if God is willing I’d love to have more children in the future.

With our first bring home baby I way over bought. I think a lot of it was carry over emotions from our twin sons never making it home from the NICU. I was so relieved to have a healthy son after such a horrific experience and the tragic and devastating loss of our firstborn sons that I didn’t want him to lack ANYTHING. So, logically (not really but hey, I was hormonal and emotional) I bought all of the things.

And eventually realized I didn’t even need 1/3 of what I had bought. Most of it I forced myself to use because I felt guilty for spending the money on it and having it sit there wasted and taking up space. In hindsight, that didn’t get my money back or do any good. I wish that I had just let go of the guilt and not worried about “stuff” so much. 

So, here’s a little list of what I did save for the next kid:

  • crib, mattress and sheets (to be fair it helps that our toddler is still using it) 😉
  • a couple of muslin swaddling blankets
  • a handmade baby quilt
  • ring sling
  • 3 outfits in newborn size and 3 in 0-3 months size
  • the Baptism gown our son wore on his special day. I spent many many months during his pregnancy crocheting it with so much love and hope in my heart. (I will use it for any future children we have and hopefully some grandchildren someday too.) 

Burp cloths definitely made the list too but were pretty raggedy when we finished with them so I’ll pick up a new pack on the next go around.

That’s it. I let go of everything else. The bouncer, jumperoo, pack n play, rock n play, bumbo, highchair…I’d rather they be used by someone who needs them than sit in my home or garage collecting dust. And to top it off, if there is something I feel like I would need or use again, I can likely purchase it second hand for pennies on the dollar. 

I’m also trying something new on the next baby and only purchasing something when the need arises. Like, not purchasing in anticipation of needing it. For example, I’ll get a highchair when we start solid foods…I don’t need it from day one. Hopefully this will help keep the bulky baby items to a minimum and help keep our house uncluttered.

Originally I thought I would save everything. And for a while I did until I realized that I didn’t need to. When I sat down and thought about the things that I used the most there wasn’t much on the list. Babies are only as expensive and complicated as you make them and really don’t need as much as you think. 

The last big decision I made was not to save any toys for future kids. Toys can become a huge clutter problem so quickly.  Click here if you need help decluttering them. 😉 I know that any future kids will have their own birthdays and holidays to acquire toys so I figure holding onto things in hopes that they enjoy them too just doesn’t make much sense. It’s been pretty liberating to just let go of toys as my son does.

Did you save anything for future kids? Is this crazy or a good idea? I’d love to hear from you so drop me a comment. 🙂 

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